Inspirated by the book "Niourk l'enfant noir" by Stefan wul.

Download the windows version for best performance.

Credits :
-Robowarrior : Pixel Art, Code, Design, Sounds 
-Shynif : Code
-Asyluum : Art
-Yann Roland : Music


Download 7 MB


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Nice collaboration. The art is nice. There were a few very nice moments were everything clics together, like first time in the ruined city.

Thanks you ! Yes i agree there are a few collisions problems but not one which block the player. It can be update soon.

Fun game.  Wanna see more.  Keep it up.


Thanks for playing and enjoy it ! We have asset which don't have used because of the dead line of the jam, maybe we can continue.

Love to see.

J'ai eu la "bad end" mais c'était bien sympa à jouer !

Hé bien le défi est réussi alors ! Il y a 3 fins possibles !

Nice game!

Thanks you !