Hi, the last weeks i continued to ameliorate the Game Jam Version and added more things. The city is bigger, and more consistent, with more quests, interactive elements….

I hope the changes and adds make the experience better.

I actually encounter performance issues with HTML5 version and the new map, so i’ve not updated the HTML5. To test the new version download the windows version 0.6.

For this moment i think it’s a good time to make a break on this project. With the original limitation of the Game Jam version, i’m block on lot of things like how to ameliorate the minimap in 64px and the different speed of element with out lags.

Patch note :
- Corrected a display bug which draw black line occasionnaly between 2 tiles (using clamp method to solve it).
- Automatised the text cut system for dialogs.
- Added and tested sprite stacking method to draw vehicule.
- Added different skins for car (taxi, brown car etc...).
- Added IA for car (perfectible).
- Ameliorated crowd reaction when you shoot.
- Changed color of ennemy when hit, to add better feedback.
- Added text of damage when you hit an ennemy.
- Ameliorated city, created new structure, and little graphics update.
- Added money reward at this end of mission (you can see the value in map menu).
- Added an item system to regenerate health with fastfood.
- Added a respawn of armor item in Police station and life spawner in other location like hospital.
- Corrected an issue when player die in a batiment, quest marker wasn't updated.
- Added some quest.
- Added an information text when new mission is available in the police station.
- Added an help text when interaction is possible.
- Changed character portrait by a pixel style.
- Added small introduction et ending for this episode.

Thanks for playing my game ;)

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C'est super cool que tu continu le projet !
On restait vraiment sur notre faim mais avec plus de quêtes et un plus grand terrain de jeu on replonge dans ce super univers sans problème !
Par contre pour les contrôles de la voiture tu n'as pas cédé xD